BetteBack February 16, 1992: Bette, Sophie, And “The Secret Garden”

Pacific Stars And Stripes
The Gossip Column
Robin Adams Sloan
February 16, 1992

MIDLER MADNESS: Bette Midler apparently has a talent for making scenes – and not necessarily on camera. Recently, Midler took her young daughter, Sophie, to see the Broadway musical, “The Secret Garden.” Upon exiting the theater, Bette was bombarded by paparazzi who asked for a photo of Bette and her daughter. Rather than cooperate, Bette put up a fuss and refused. Grabbing little Sophie, who was by now hysterical, the star swept out of the theater and began running through the streets to her hotel, with the lensmen in hot pursuit. Finally, they got their photos in the hotel lobby – almost an even greater commotion.* * *

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