Things Heard At The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Public Enemy’s Chuck D took pleasure in introducing a couple of the ceremony’s attendees to each other. “I introduced Rick Rubin to Bette Midler – wasn’t that something? I was amazed, because I’m a collector of things. Bette Midler did a fantastic narration on the story of Ahmet Ertegun, ‘The House That Ahmet Built.’ And I told Bette, I said, ‘It’s a pleasure meeting you, cause this (Rubin) is my Ahmet right here, so when his story comes out, hopefully I can do a voice over that’s just as good as yours.’ So she was touched. ” Another great encounter: “Carole King was touched because her daughter was like, ‘Wow, Chuck D.‘ But I’m saying, ‘Do you understand? Your mother and Smokey Robinson, feet apart?’ As a songwriter, trust me, trust me, I was in heaven. So I tweeted my ass off.”

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