Bette Midler To Co-Host Very Controversial Political Fundraiser Tomorrow Night

Boston Herald
GOP: Elizabeth Warren’s Harry Belafonte pick off-key
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Republicans are demanding Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren bounce Calypso king Harry Belafonte as co-host of her ritzy New York fundraiser tomorrow night, saying the crooner’s controversial comments are “anti-American.”

“Harry Belafonte’s anti-American views are extreme and repugnant. He has praised Castro and Chavez, blamed the United States for the terrorist attacks that took place on 9/11 and denounced America as a villain in world affairs,” said MassGOP Executive Director Nate Little.

Belafonte called former President George W. Bush “the greatest terrorist in the world,” while visiting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in 2006.

“Elizabeth Warren has to be careful about who she is singing with, because some of the songs from some of these characters don’t play well with the average Joe out there,” said John Feehery, a Washington, D.C.-based GOP strategist.

The Harvard Law professor also lists Broadway diva Bette Midler as a co-host tomorrow, according to an invitation. Warren’s camp, when questioned about Belafonte, responded in a statement: “Scott Brown ought to be explaining to the people of Massachusetts how he’s earned all his Wall Street money – it’s a record that’s got Forbes magazine calling him one of Wall Street’s favorite senators.”

Democratic consultant Steve McMahon said: “Bette Midler and Harry Belafonte are endorsing Elizabeth Warren and her views, not the other way around.” Democrats, meanwhile, slammed Brown, noting that he took a $2,500 donation from Exxon Mobil’s PAC on March 27, two days before he voted against a bill that would cut their tax subsidies.

“It looks bad, particularly when you’re running against someone who is seen as a consumer watchdog,” said D.C. Democratic consultant John Anzalone. A Brown spokesman called the slam “hypocritical,” saying Warren has taken contributions from Exxon Mobil employees.

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