Today In History: The Bette Midler Show Premieres

1976 ~ On HBO tonight you can watch Bette Midler perform live in the new show Standing Room Only.

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6 thoughts on “Today In History: The Bette Midler Show Premieres

  1. I seem to remember hearing once that this was HBO’s first concert special. Is that true? Was it aired live, or taped? I know that the album Live at Last was put together over two nights, but I don’t know if the same was done for this special.

    1. It was there first concert and it aired live and went on for almost 3 hours. There are things different from the original airing of that show and the record….it was originally called “The Fabulous Bette Midler Show” And when the VHS came out they had edited it to 90 minutes….

  2. Don, shame on you . . . you should know better. LOL It was not aired LIVE you silly. The filmed special, as well as the live album, were both taped / recorded during the first two nights in Cleveland in February of 1976. The filmed special aired June 21 later that same year. The show was compiled of footage from the first two nights just like with the album. You can really notice one obvious edit during “Delta Dawn,” when her hairstyle changes drastically just as she breaks into the chorus. In actual fact, there does not exist for sale anywhere a professionally released concert of Bette featuring one completely raw performance – and that’s a real shame, because every show was so unique and extraordinary. Would sure love to see the raw footage from the Cleveland shows someday.

    1. You’re right….I should have put I thought instead….it’s just been so long since i’ve seen it and my memory is fried….literally! lol xx

  3. Thank you, boys! I wonder if it really was HBO’s first concert special. I can’t remember where I read that, but I couldn’t find any confirmation of it online.

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