Bette Tweets: Bette On The RNC ~ Day Two

Good cheap gas but poisoned water? Makes sense to me! Let’s get crackin’ frackin’!!!

“why do they all look like scared rabbits”, uttered by Marilyn, probably at a Republican Convention.

Calista Gingrich, hair/makeup $750, Jackie O pearls @tiffany $10,000,@Armani suit, $2500. Newt’s suit, Big N Tall, $650. Order now!

OMG DID YOU HEAR WHAT JEB BUSH JUST SAID? “And my brother? Well I love my brother”…I don’t expect W will be speaking to him for a while.

EDUCATION??? The GOP doesn’t want to pay for any kids who don’t look like them…Prop. 13, I rest my case.

GOP to students: Ketchup is a vegetable! Eat it!

Next week’s @rollingstone publishes @matttiabbi who reveals exactly how Mitt made his fortune at Bain. Scorching!!


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