Bootleg Betty Gets Relief! Nicola Calder Takes On Admin Role On BLB Facebook


As you all know, Bootleg Betty has always depended on the kindness of Betteheads. It’s always been a community effort and there are no words to express my appreciation to your contributions. All of you know the struggles, the ups and downs I’ve experienced running it, and above all the successful 10 year run it has garnered. I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined the giant force that it has become. And I owe that all to you!

However, with the advent of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linked-In, it has become a juggernaut spinning out of control and I’m having a hard time maintaining everything and having a life of my own.

I am not about to quit like I threaten to do every other year, but I finally have asked for help. That help comes in the form of Nicola Calder from the (Y)UK of all places. 🙂 I’ve known her for years since she was very wee Bettehead and now she’s a mum, as they say. I’ve had a hard go on Facebook and made hasty decisions that hurt me in the long run and Nicola kindly reached out to me to lend a hand. So I swallowed my pride, let go, and made her the administrator of Bootleg Betty on Facebook. And she is a welcomed and much needed addition. She’s been giving it a go for about a week, starting from scratch and is doing a fabulous job.

This has taken a big load off my shoulders and allows me to work on my baby without the added stress. I hope you all will open your heart and arms and welcome her as family.

I’ve pretty much given her carte blanche as how to handle the page. I still will be replying to FB comments, as will she, but the main content she will decide….therefore there may be some differences between Bootleg Betty the site as opposed to Bootleg Betty on Facebook but mostly minor. More concentration will be focused on photos (they just look better on Facebook) and videos might be different. She will also pick and choose which posts of mine she will link to Facebook. I’ll be there for guidance purposes. I’m not totally uninvolved. So please be kind and welcome her. And dang, I really need this! lol

This is also beneficial to Bootleg Betty and the readers in that Nicola and I are in totally different time zones….so she may break news on BLB Facebook/Twitter before I can break it on the Bootleg Betty website. So to cover all your bases it might behoove you to subscribe and check out BLB on Facebook and Twitter (the 2 media accounts are automatically connected…so you get the news at the same time). Does that make sense? Thought so! BetteHeads are so bright! 🙂

This will give me time also to research/investigate better ways to serve you as Betteheads!

And with that, I will just shut up and get back to Bette business! Welcome Nicola!

Love, Mister D

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10 thoughts on “Bootleg Betty Gets Relief! Nicola Calder Takes On Admin Role On BLB Facebook

    1. Thank you Cris and John for your continued support! This will help me out immensely and I’m hoping Nicola enjoys what she’s getting into! lol xxoo

  1. To Don & Nicola: Love to hear that Don is getting help! We are fortunate to have such dedicated people to keep us posted on our sweet Bette! As noted, social media has spiraled…almost out of control, in some instances; so getting assistance is not a a bad thing. Recognizing help IS needed is great, and not just throwing in the towel! 😉
    So…welcome aboard, Nicola, and good luck! I think this will make BLB even MORE awesome!
    Don: “breathe, baby, breathe!” xo


    1. Thanks so much Susan! It is great to hear from you on this issue. BLB the website is doing fabulous business, but trying to get a foothold on FB has been a nightmare and I let my impulsiveness delete my previous BLB FB account…losing almost a 1000 likes…so i learned from that mistake. But I’m grateful for everyone who helps contribute. Nicola offered right when I needed it….xx

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