Bette Tweets: Songwriting In Nashville


Sorry for MIA; down here in Nashville writing my little fanny off with some of the best. Thanks to all who who hope this little bird flies…

Janis Ian, Victoria Shaw, Brett James, Tom Douglas, Allen Shamblin, Craig Wiseman, Chris Tompkins, and Luke Laird…thanks for all you gave me…

And thank y’all for pointin’ out that I need a Goo Goo Cluster to complete my Nashville experience…woohoooo!!


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14 thoughts on “Bette Tweets: Songwriting In Nashville

  1. A new CD, yes, please Bette please.

    Don, have you gone to the hotel she tweeted about a few days ago in hopes of a run in or at least a Bette sighting? You need to head over there for drinks.

    I would love for Bette to record another Janis Ian song or two, she has so much wonderful material.

    1. No. I didn’t even try….I thought she had already been here and then tweeted the photo of the hotel. Little did I know she was here writing all this time. I hope she finally puts out a CD of her own material….and you know Janis Ian has a slew of stuff for her to sing. i met her in an elevator while living here a couple of years back…..tiny!

  2. I recently read Janis Ian’s Autobiography and she talks about The Bluebird Cafe, I’m sure you are aware of the place Don. I wonder if Bette spent time there.

    I would love to visit Nashville and Memphis someday.

    1. Yes, it’s legendary here. I played there once with my brother and about passed out afterwards I was so nervous. I think. but I can’t say for sure that Bette played there early on in her career….

  3. I am taking a break and eating Cracker Jack microwaved with a Reese’s peanut butter cup and slices of milky way, stirred up with a spoon. Easy way to make friends and influence people, and wow, it worked….anyways, ahem….IS BETTE MAKING A COUNTRY MUSIC mp3 or 10 or 12/`what do you call a new release these days?/’ and……Is Neil Young, John Cougar Mellencamp, or anyone who is like, I dunno, a country music icon appearing?
    … I know, Let’s spread rumors gossip and malicious mischief since this world really thrives on that!

    1. It does thrive on that, unfortunately….doubt it will be country….who knows what direction she’s going in….and I would love a Reesie Cup right about now….

  4. Let’s hope for a fantastic album with a world tour to back it up. Fingers crossed in here.

    I also would love to visit Memphis, Nashville and, of course, Dollywood. 🙂 By the way, I wonder what a Divineland Theme Park would look like…

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