Bette Midler Celebrates Hulaween Come Hell Or High Water

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C’est la vie! Bette Midler celebrates Halloween with extravagant French themed party in New York, despite Hurricane Sandy destruction
By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 03:45 EST, 1 November 2012

It was definitely a scary 48 hours for the inhabitants of New York.

But now that Hurricane Sandy has moved away from the East Coast, it’s back to business for most New Yorkers, including Bette Midler.

The veteran actress and singer continued her life as usual and celebrated her yearly extravagant celebrity ‘Hulaween’ bash on Wednesday night in the storm-struck city.

Despite the fact that Lower Manhattan is still without power, Bette managed to find a venue uptown which did have electricity: The Waldorf Astoria hotel.

And as the annual bash is held in honour of her charity Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project which tries to create more green space in New York , it is no wonder that the Rose singer was so keen to carry on with the party, especially as the funds raised with the bash could be used to help restore the city after the storm.

And the actress herself seemed in high spirits, as she attended the French themed party dressed as what appears to be a zombie Coco Chanel costume.

Wearing a black wig with her face pale in white make-up and dressed in a grey tweed suit layered with pearl necklaces, Bette greeted celebrity guests which included Debra Messing, Debbie Harry, Michael Kors and Dita von Teese.

Debra Messing dressed in a Marie Antoinette inspired costume, while Michael Kors and his husband Lance LePere came as matching stereotypical French men including berets on their heads and baguettes tucked under their arms.

Meanwhile, Blondie star Debbie Harry was dressed up to the nines and flaunted her great shape in a Moulin Rouge showgirl outfit, complete with feathers and blonde pigtails.

The guest of honour though was supposed to be Al Gore, who couldn’t make it due to the unforeseen weather circumstances.

Bette herself took to Twitter throughout the evening to keep her fans updated on the events.

‘Ok, the man we invited to address us te #globalwarmingisreal could not make it because of GLOBALWARMING!! So sad, Al Gore..see you soon xox,’ she wrote on Wednesday.

“So fitting we have global warming to blame for @algore’s absence tonight at a fabulous #Hulaween2012′

And the evening appeared to be a great success, as Bette wrote on the social media page that the evening managed to raise 1.8 million dollars for her restoration charity.

‘Ok, @hulaween; an extraordinary night, a great crowd! James Cox Chambers came as a HEAD OF GARLIC!! I nearly fainted.1.8 for restoration,’ the message read.

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