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BetteBack 1976: Bette To Sing “Delta Dawn,” “Strangers In The Night” Medley, And A Duet With Neil Sedaka (September 13, 1976)

Mister D: Now we know, “Delta Dawn” was cut from the show.

Provo Daily Herald
September 13, 1976

Neil Sedaka, starring in his first American TV special, will be joined by David Brenner and Bette Midler when Channel 2 colorcasts “Neil Sedaka Steppin’ Out,” Friday at 8 p.m.

Also with Sedaka will be his 9-yearold son, Marc, who will “host” the show, and 13-year-old daughter, Dara, who will sing one of her father’s songs.

Highlights of the show include two big production numbers involving dance interpretations of Sedaka’s songs, which he plays and sings — “That’s When the Music Takes Me,” and a medley, “Solitaire,” “Sad Eyes,” and “The Hungry Years.”

Sedaka opens the show with “Standin’ on the Inside” and “Sing Me,” and is joined by daughter Dara for “Laughter in the Rain.” Midler sings “Delta Dawn,” and is joined by Sedaka for a humorous rendition of “Love Will Keep Us Together.”

Marc and Dara exchange a few remarks, and Brenner joins Sedaka for some banter, leading into his comedy monologue.

Midler provides a dramatic musical interpretation of “Strangers in the Night” and sings “Do You Want to Dance?” in a
barroom setting. Sedaka’s “Solitaire” production number follows, leading into the show’s concluding concert, in which he and the singers perform “Steppin’ Out,” “Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen,” “Calendar Girl,” and “Make Your Own Sunshine.”

As the show closes, Sedaka plays and sings “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

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