Bette Signs With New Management…New Tour And Album Coming!

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Bette Midler Signs With New Management
By JEN YAMATO | Wednesday February 13, 2013 @ 3:26pm PST


Bette Midler has managed her own career for years and hasn’t starred in a #1 hit film since 1996”²s First Wives Club. Now she has enlisted Sam Feldman of Macklam Feldman Management, a division of A & F Music, to work in tandem with MBST Entertainment’s David Steinberg and Larry Brezner to manage her varied interests including film, stage and music. MBST Entertainment (a division of Core Media Group) also reps Billy Crystal, who starred with Midler in Fox’s Parental Guidance, which earned $111 million globally. Midler, who continues to be repped by Peter Levine at CAA, has two Oscar nominations, four Golden Globes, three Grammys, and a Tony to date and is gearing up for her spring Broadway return in the one-woman show I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat With Sue Mengers. After that she’s plotting a new album and tour for 2014 and will develop feature film projects to star in. On Thursday, Midler appears as a guest judge on Bravo’s Project Runway.

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23 thoughts on “Bette Signs With New Management…New Tour And Album Coming!

  1. I’m excited. Let’s see what these guys can do for The Divine One. Sue Mengers was phenomenal to her clients.

  2. Incredible news! Maybe this will be her “simple”, by Bette standards, show she said she wanted to do, but I believe she will do something more than just her, one dress and sing. I am speculating, but am just happy to hear about anew tour and album!

  3. YAHOO!!!

    It’s nice to see her gaining steam and getting hungry again!

    Of course I’m excited about any time of touring that she does, but I am particularly excited to see what direction they steer her film career. I have long said that she has capabilities that are hardly ever utilized in film, and there stands good reason to believe that some of her best film work is yet to come. She’s not as hindered by her vanity as she once was, and subsequently will have a lot more nerve when choosing her new roles. And THAT is truly exciting!

    1. Yes…I am really looking forward to this chapter in her life…could prove to be very interesting and by the looks of it…productive…xx

  4. I, for one, want arena shows bigger than ever. Even another Vegas residency, if it doesn’t get in the way of her film projects. I just hope the new tour uses new jokes, no Delores, new routines and a whole lot of divinity. Sinatra held huge audiences almost until the end, why not The Divine One?!

    On the new album: Please, let Miss M include “September” and “Mary” as bonus tracks, they are gems.

  5. Bette on one of my favorite shows, Project Runway, looking beautiful. Bette on the Boards is coming back. Bette & Barry, possibly on the Tonys together! Bette has a new CD & Tour in the works, did someone say a TOUR!!!

    What A Divine Week!

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