BetteBack August 24, 1978: Is Bette Midler Taking A Break Already From Movies?

Salina Journal
August 24, 1978


Q: With concert dates set in England and Australia, is Bette Midler taking a break from her newly launched film career? – R.F., Cincinatti

A: Please, give Bette some time. Since her very first starring movie vehicle, “The Rose,” scheduled for release next spring, it would be premature, to say the least, for Bette to take a break. In fact, she’s not and has at least two films in the works – one of which could be a 1979 remake of “Gypsy” with Bette playing mama. That’s the part played by Ethel Merman in the 1959 Broadway musical version and by the late Rosalind Russell in the 1963. film. One thing about Bette: she knows how to keep good professional company.

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