Bette Midler’s Official Site ~ Update Coming Soon! Sign Up!

8-31-2013 4-39-50 PMBette Midler’s Official Site is getting a make over. Make sure to sign up on her site for updates!

To sign up: Click Here

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9 thoughts on “Bette Midler’s Official Site ~ Update Coming Soon! Sign Up!

  1. So what is driving the update, is there a new CD on the way? There has to be some product or event looming in the future. Bette would do well to let you maintain her official site, it seems it goes neglected for the most part, kind of sad for a performer of her caliber to have such a haphazard website. I mean, why bother if you can’t keep it up.

    1. There’s supposed to be a new album and tour coming in 2014. Plus they are still considering bringing I’ll Eat You Last to Los Angeles

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