Bootleg Betty Is Officially Opened!!! We’re Baaaaccccckkkkkk!!!!!


Well, we’re back! Didja miss us? We sure missed you! After 5 months off I couldn’t stand it anymore soI thought I’d bring back the old girl in a limited capacity. Limited Capacity? WTF? That just means I may not be posting everyday and just concentrating on the news or news-related stuff.

Speaking of news, I can’t believe how much we’ve missed. Last years Hulaween, Bette‘s birthday, the Los Angeles premiere of I’ll Eat You Last and the Oscars!!!!! I feel ashamed, I say! So you might get some old articles and photos on all that stuff just so I can fill the void in my life that it left behind.

I’ll continue with Facebook and Twitter with my faithful sidekick Nicola Calder. She will help keep me at my utter best and I feel extremely lucky for that. So thank you Nicola!

Let’s kick things off with the news that A View From A Broad will be reissued in hardback April 1, 2014 with a somewhat new and back cover. You can check it out by clicking on the Amazon link below.

Also have the date for Spring Picnic which will take place on May 29 at Grant’s Tomb. Sounds Hulaween-y. Hopefully more information to come!

Unfortunately I did get it confirmed that Bette will not be touring this year, but hold out hope for a new album. That is being worked on.

The Mae West project has been greenlit for HBO, but the script hasn’t even been written yet…so that’s good news and bad news rolled into just news! Keep your fingers crossed!

Seriously, I’m glad to be back and I hope you will bear with me as I gain my footing. It’s been awhile!

Love Mister D

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24 thoughts on “Bootleg Betty Is Officially Opened!!! We’re Baaaaccccckkkkkk!!!!!

  1. Welcome back, Mr. D! What great news to have Bootleg Betty back!
    You made my day and it’s only just begun, here on the West Coast.
    Much love & hugs,
    Martin in La La Land

  2. Thank God!!!!!
    Have soo missed Mr D’s daily update,
    really glad your back, please remember to make sure you don’t spend all your time on here updating!!
    Welcome back!!!!

  3. Welcome back, Mr.D, I’ve missed you! Hope you’re well and life is treating you OK. Take care of yourself, and remember, fuck’em if they can’t take a joke!
    John x

  4. Mr. D:

    Good that you’re back. I was surprised you were off for 5 months! I didn’t think you had it in you.

    Do you remember Bettewriter? Once she said she was done with Miss M related blogging, she was gone for good.


  5. I check daily to see if you’re back, and so glad you are!! Yes, Bette’s had a rather busy past five months, and your website has been so very, very missed! I think it’s great that you’re back for the news-worthy items, and are giving yourself some breathing space for the rest of the time. It’s a perfect balance! Hope the holiday season and New Year has gone well for you. I echo Martin’s sentiments–you made my day! Welcome back! As always, you’re the best!

  6. Great news! Don’t burn yourself out. Find joy in it because we all certainly do. Will be checking daily!

  7. You’re back!!! You were sooooo missed, you are the ONLY reliable, and always interesting, source for Bette news. You’ve made my year so far!!!
    Welcome back and thank you!

    I hope I don’t appear to be screaming here LOL…just have to type fast before my boss sees me here hahahah.

    LOVE ya!
    Take care

  9. Well as I recall I never said good bye only good luck in all of your endeavors. I knew we couldn’t keep you away no matter what we did!

    In the time you were incognito, I moved to the north woods of Georgia (real near Blue Ridge). I am getting used to my new environs and have learned the proper usage of “hey there: and “bless your heart”. Don’t make me use them on you. 😉

    Glad to have you back Unka Don.

    Miss Jane

  10. Thank you for coming back Mister D. You were really missed.
    Now all is well. Better to give a bit of news than none at all.

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