Bette Midler In Talks For TV Movie Comedy (Thanks Ron!)

Bette Midler, Amy Poehler, Josh Charles and Cynthia Nixon attend New York Restoration Project 13th Annual Spring Picnic in New York City.

Mister D: Just got confirmation that Bette Midler is in talks to star in a TV comedy movie tentatavely entitled, “The Third Coast,” about a larger than life casting director in New Mexico. If she signs on it would be directed by Jay Roach (Meet The Parents, Meet The Fochers) and written by Paul Rudnick (Addam’s Family Values, In And Out, and somewhat responsible for Sister Act). Remember she hasn’t signed on yet! xx

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6 thoughts on “Bette Midler In Talks For TV Movie Comedy (Thanks Ron!)

  1. Mr D, I sent you the link to this already two days ago: check your messages 😉

    It has nothing to do with I’ll eat you last, unfortunately. The script and idea for this have been around for many years – with Annette Benning destined to star.
    Jay Roach is a very successful director, responsible for the Fucker movies and so far with no Bette-experience – Paul Rudnick, the writer, however is no stranger to Betteheads, since he is responsible for two of Bette’s most horrible movie-scripts; the Stepford Wives and Isn’t she great (maybe he was a ghostwriter on Stella, too….)

  2. I will be completely discusted with Bettenif she does this. I love her and have followed her all these years. Cher nor Streisand would do this. Pissed!

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