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BetteBack October 28, 1986: More On Bette’s Production Of “Winnie”

Santa Ana Orange County Register
October 28, 1986


Mister D: This was eventually made with Meredith Baxter-Birney for a Lifetime movie. Don’t think Bette’s production company was attached at the time.

While Bette Midler has been awaiting the birth of her baby, work has been proceeding on the script for “Winnie: My Life in the Institution.”

The project will be a decided change of pace for the actress who scored big-screen popularity this year with the Disney comedies “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” and “Ruthless People,” The TV movie will have Bette playing a marginally retarded woman who finally achieves release from the mental institution where she was placed at the age of 6 — only to be subjected to such cruelty that she chooses to return to the facility.

Bette’s Miss M. company is developing the project with NBC Productions.

It’s based on Jamie Pastor- Polnick’s 1985 “Winnie” biography and is targeted for production as an NBC-TV movie in early ’87.

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