Bette Midler Tour Talk! 2015


Tour Talk

Just had it confirmed that Bette is in TALKS to tour not just America but to quote ‘some other countries’

Where do you think she’ll tour?

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13 thoughts on “Bette Midler Tour Talk! 2015

  1. Hopefully Canada. Maybe montreal! Has not been to montreal since experience the divine. Doesn’t matter though, I will travel to see her! Im excited

  2. I’m dreaming of her playing the O2 in London, and if me being in the middle of the front row. failing that, it’s Bette at Radio City (with me in the front row again). I might have to watch the Showgirl DVD again to remind me of Vegas…

  3. The organizer of Germany’s largest venue, the arena in Cologne (Lanxess arena), said in a recent interview that the performer he wants the most is Bette (the Stones and Streisand being the other two of his most desired acts; both of them have already performed there). Bette last performed in Germany in 1980: to rave reviews and sold-out crowds. I keep my fingers crossed!!!

  4. Marcos, the photographer of all these recent pics is from the UK: her name is Julia Kennedy ( I think she captures Bette’s sophistication, wit and intelligence beautifully – and they counteract the intentional brassi(-and trashi-)ness of the “It’s the Girls!” pix. Hopefully, Miss M will have a great team of stylists on board to make her look “proper” for her impending promo-tour; neither the short hair nor the caftans seem to work, at least in my opinion…

  5. Thank you, princecharming. If Julia Kennedy also styled Miss M for the shootings, she’s very good. I like the look she gets from The Divine One. Which is sophisticated for sure.

    I like many of Bette’s hairdos, all of them styled. I don’t really like her natural hair. The pair who has worked for Miss M is fantastic: Eugenia Weston (makeup) and Robert Ramos (hair).

    What I like about the It’s the Girls cover is that it is fun, alive and full of energy. Bette also looks young in it. Streisand’s last album cover is kind of stiff.

    I do believe that The Divine One can kill in most parts of Europe. Not only Germany, but also France and even Greece, Spain and Portugal! The nordic countries as well. Japan can also make her a fortune! The Japanese have lots of money, they are willing to pay premium prices for great entertainment and they make up wonderfully kind and attentive audiences. It’s just that the UK and Canada are sure bets. For some of these countries Bette should rely more on her voice than humor and jokes, I suppose. Dolly Parton made a fortune on her last European and Australian tour this year. She shipped two great big tour buses to those places as she likes her custom-made buses! Take a look at Dolly in the Glastonbury Festival:

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