Bette Midler Shines At 2014 Golden Heart Awards

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Les Moonves, Halle Berry, Bette Midler, Anna Wintour Shine At 2014 Golden Heart Awards
Published On: Mon, Oct 20th, 2014


Director of CBS Les Moonves and Anna Wintour were honored at the 2014 Golden Heart Awards,which featured God’s Love We Deliver, which started as a charity to help those infected with HIV, but has broadened to include delivering meals to people with a wide range of illnesses. Les Moonves was honored at the event sponsored by Michael Kors, and he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “You fit everything in your life, because it is really important to be balanced. I love my family, and I love giving back,” Moonves stood alongside his wife Julie Chen. He then spoke of his work at CBS and praised God’s Love We Deliver for “touching people quite literally, in their homes and in their hearts.”

The star-studded evening raised $3.9 million for the organization. Bette Midler was on hand to joke about her various hairstyles, make fun of several guests and discuss how she relates to the organization, “Look how much the organization has grown – it’s a story of remarkable transformation. Transformation is a bit of a specialty of mine. When I started my career, I was a redhead singing in bathhouses where underwear was optional for both audiences and performers. And now look at me. I”˜m a blonde philanthropist dressed neck-to-knee in Michael Kors. Now that’s a transformation.”

Anne Wintour of whom Midler joked, “I have more hairstyles in one day than Anne has in 30 freakin”˜ years” was awarded the Michael Kors award for Outstanding Community Service. Richard Feldman, who has been a volunteer for 20 years, was also given an award.

One of Joan Rivers’ final requests was that those who wished to make donations in her memory should make them to God’s Love We Deliver.

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