Bette Midler – Be My Baby – Today Show (Live)

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11 thoughts on “Bette Midler – Be My Baby – Today Show (Live)

  1. I’m amazed by how good and fresh she sounds after SO many years. No other performer at her age still performs with that kind of energy (wait, Darlene Love is amazing too, no wonder they were together on this cd!). Nor even some young ones out there. LOL. Better than ever! #happy2seeBette #it’sTHEGIRL

    1. Yes it was live singing. Those were the new Harlettes singing in the background….at least for the time being…

    1. YesI was told they were the Harlettes at least for these promotional gigs. Marc Shaiman provided the tracks but the vocals were live. The girls are Nicolette Hart, Jackie Arnold and Chrissi Poland

  2. Just curious and I do not mean this is the slightest way to be a slur. Were her background singers drag queens? I thought the entire presentation was fantastic.

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