The BBC Documentary – Bette Midler-The Divine Miss M

Mister D: Got to see the BBC doc on Bette Midler this morning (I got a credit!!!). It was great. If you haven’t seen it try using the browser Google Chrome and add the extension Hola which will unblock the BBC site so you can view. It’s really easy. And here’s the link to the show: Click Here

Bette singing the praises of Marc Shaiman!
Bette singing the praises of Marc Shaiman!
Bette, Marc Shaiman, the girls sing Mr. Sandman
Bette, Marc Shaiman, the girls sing Mr. Sandman
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16 thoughts on “The BBC Documentary – Bette Midler-The Divine Miss M

  1. Love love LOVED this!!

    ESPECIALLY the part about our gay history when after Stonewall Miss M was the one to embrace the gays that Judy cherished, THAT was a teary moment! And one that is often overlooked :-/

    It was great seeing Charlotte and Melissa, I’m surprised we didn’t hear from Barry M or Jeniffer Lewis (I would have DIED if Katey Sagal turned up!) but hey- it was a FANTASTIC interview!

    10/10, and on a personal note- THANKYOU Mr D, each time The Bette Midler Train fires up I get to find things I’d only ever dreamed of, MWAH! Thanks again! xx

  2. Mr. D, I have a feeling Miss M and Manilow have fallen out. Do you know better?

    I wonder if the album Melissa Manchester was trying to record with crowdfunding got off the ground. Such a good singer having to resort to crowdfunding is sad. The woman sang “Through the Eyes of Love” and is a professor now!

    1. I think they may have after the Peggy Lee album. Rumor has it that it was a rough go….not sure about Melissa Manchester xx

  3. Don, thank you for the instructions on how to be able to “view it” here in the USA! This special was AMAZING and it was indeed great to hear from Charlotte Crossley, Melissa Manchester, and of course, Bruce Vilanch, one of the funniest and most clever people on the planet! Marc Shaiman is indeed so well suited for Bette and it was just a great perspective to be able to view this and also hearing her new album come about, which is, in my opinion, one of the very best she has ever recorded, and there are many! I will now be quiet now. Thank you Don!

  4. Mr D!
    Sorry for my being a luddite… what do you mean by ‘add Hola as an extension’ exactly?! I tried /Hola /hola .Hola .hola … but nothing worked!

    What am I doing wrong?!

  5. Hello!

    Thanks for the link to the doc! How exactly does one access the link utilizing the suggested “Hola?” Where do I insert the extension in the link?

    1. Try using the browser known as Google Chrome. Add the extension called Hola and enable it. This has worked for most people.

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