Updates: Revised November 21, 2014

Bette On Chatty Man
Bette On Chatty Man

* Alan Carr-Chatty Man ”“ Friday, November 21, 2014

* Moira Stuart ”˜But Beautiful’ Radio Show, November 23rd

* Bette Midler: One Night Only -Date: December 13th – 19th

* The Royal Variety Performance (TBA)

* For Amex Pre-Sales try this code: 8005253355 (Save it now while you can – Thanks Ron!)

* Second week on Billboard charts Bette dropped to Number 12. To keep the momentum going buy It’s The Girls for Christmas Gifts. Who wouldn’t love it?

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7 thoughts on “Updates: Revised November 21, 2014

  1. I’m wondering if the CD giveaway with each concert ticket sale, will count as a purchase? I was reading another blog that posed this very question, and the blogger seemed to think that once the CD is redeemed it will count as a legitimate sale, which could very well not only boost Bette back into the Top 10, but could even land her back in Billboard’s Top 5.

    My very quick math, based on her concert venue and auditorium capacities, is that the CD giveaway, could count for about 400,000 CD’s sold (?!). If al the CD’s were redeemed at the same time, that could move “It’s the Girl’s” to the #1 spot. Hmmmm…..what do you think? Bette made it to #3 with 60,000 CD’s sold.

    Also, I read this week that Billboard changed the way they work their rankings this week, and are including Pandora and Spotify and those types of services to determine sales rankings. They specifically stated it would hurt artists like Barbra Streisand, who potentially (based on the new scoring system) could drop down about 8 spots, and out of the Top 10 (which she did–Bette at #12, and Barbra at #14, I believe). Is Billboard keeping up with the trends, or is this system becoming more political? Another, hmmmmm…..

    1. I guess it would depend on whether the CD’s get scanned when people redeem them. I’m not sure how they would get around that. I think Billboard is trying to keep up with the trends…seems everything is headed toward digital now.

  2. RJGinNV, I was thinking the same thing; it only makes sense to “give them away” if they will count as legitimate sale; not every venue seems to be willing to participate; which only supports the notion that the ones who do made a deal – and that it will count: smart management! – and quite necessary, too; artists today don’t sell CDs anymore, otherwise. And unfortunately, Bette is no exception; even though her new record charted higher than almost all her previous albums (number 3 on the Billboard 200), the actual numbers are not really exciting: “It’s the Girls” sold less than 40’000 copies in its first week, and only 28’000 in its second week; On the other hand, “The Rosemary Clooney” album sold twice as many copies in its first week of release (but only made it to Billboard’s number 14″) and was certified gold (500’000 copies) after only seven weeks (even more dramatic with albums such as “Bette of Roses”; it peaked in the 30ies but still managed to sell over 600’000 copies – and counting).
    Therefore, finding new ways to sell albums – may it be automatically if you buy a ticket – seems a very smart business-decision!

  3. I didn’t know all venues were not participating. I booked the show for Philly and have not seen a cd or redemption code for the cd at all. Does anyone know if this venue is participating before I make many calls.

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