What Bette Midler Sang On The One Night Only Special

12-15-2014 4-02-56 PM

Friends, boogie woogie bugle boy, from a distance, be my baby, give him a great big kiss, baby it’s you, tell him, pretty legs, waterfalls and wbmw

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4 thoughts on “What Bette Midler Sang On The One Night Only Special

  1. “It’s the Girls” jumped to 21 at the UK I-tune charts , up around 100 places. Also “Wind Beneath My Wings” the single is in the charts as well

  2. Bette Midler, Happy Holiday’s! you have always been my favorite entertainer. Yes, many years now in the making as we know it. You are true to yourself as you are true to your school. One amazing, and awesome performer, and entertainer. Break a Leg in London tonight! Much Love, Heartfully, Queen of Hearts XOXO’S!

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