BetteBack March 2, 1988: Bette Buys A Piece Of Hawaii

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March 2, 1988


HONOLULU (AP) – Entertainer Bette Midler, who grew up in Hawaii, and her husband have purchased a $1.5 million piece of the islands that was confiscated in a federal drug case.

Midler and husband, Martin von Haselberg, paid cash for the 38-acre parcel on Kauai Island, which includes a partly completed tri-level home, a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and a river, said U.S. Marshal Faith Evans.

Midler attended the University of Hawaii before moving to New York to pursue her career as a singer and actress.

The property, near the town of Kilauea, was among 141 acres seized by the Justice Department in 1986 after authorities charged the owners had purchased it with money from illegal drug sales, Evans said Monday

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