What song would you like Bette Midler to surprise us with on the new tour?

What song would you like Bette Midler to surprise us with on the new tour?


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11 thoughts on “What song would you like Bette Midler to surprise us with on the new tour?

  1. In keeping with the theme of the tour, I could see her adding a girl-group song from early in her career, such as “Chapel of Love” or “Leader of the Pack”. However, I would like to be surprised by a song that she recorded for “It’s the Girls”, but didn’t make the final cut. Apparently, she considered and/or recorded a lot more songs that didn’t quite make the album–so I think one of those would make me think that there could be a follow-up album, along the same theme. Perhaps Martha and the Vandellas’ “Heat Wave” or “Dancing in the Street”–something fun.

  2. That’s a really difficult question, Mr.D…
    I’ve got it down to five (!)

    Surabaya Johnny / Drinking Again
    In These Shoes
    Let Me Just Follow Behind

    Of course, next week I’ll have a different five, but right now I’m going to go and listen to these five. And remind myself that it’s six months to July 18, Bette at the O2, and seats in the middle block, row E!!!!!

  3. So this is a stretch but I loved her singing yoko ono’s song I’m your angel. That would be a nice surprise. Though I love stay with me in concert and she didn’t do that in vegas, so that would be nice.

  4. I would love to her sing a real old one, she did it in the 70″s(real old) REMEMBER MY FORGOTTEN MAN or SUPERSTAR

  5. There’s a track on Lucinda Williams latest album called Walk On. It has a great pop/girl group kinda feel to it. I’d love to hear Bette do a cover. I’d also love to hear her cover Birds again.

  6. Miss M can’t “surprise” us with Leader of the Pack and Chapel of Love because she has sung those songs a lot. The same can be said about Surabaya Johnny / Drinking Again.

    Please, not I’m Your Angel. Bette proved that she IS DIVINE by making that thing interesting and amusing on Yoko’s concert with the Paper or Plastic band.

    I’d LOVE Miss M to do The Lounge Medley or any medley with music from the Sister Act films. Those movies are infused with joy, Marc Shaiman work and even former Harlettes. The Divine One should have made those motion pictures. The first one was offered to her!… She turned it down and the great Whoopi was fantastic in them.

    The Lounge Medley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOL6kb27roI

    The Greatest Medley Ever Told: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ulswiQOhac

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