BetteBack May 24, 1989: Bette Wins Best Comedy Actress At American Comedy Awards

Madison Capital Times
May 24, 1989

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LOS ANGELES (AP) – Katharine Hepburn and Red Skelton received lifetime achievement awards and playwright Neil Simon was presented the lifetime creative achievement award at the Third Annual American Comedy Awards.

The honors in 17 categories were presented Tuesday at the Hollywood Palladium and broadcast on ABCTV, Roseanne Barr and her co-star on ABC’s “Roseanne,” John Goodman, won as funniest female and male performers in a leading role in a television series. Barr also was honored as funniest female stand-up comic.

Robin Williams was selected as funniest male stand-up comic.

In the motion picture category, Bette Midler was selected funniest actress for “Big Business” and Tom Hanks as funniest actor for “Big.”

The supporting awards went to Joan Cusack for “Working Girl” and Arsenio Hall for “Coming to America.”

Tracey UUman won funniest female performer in a television special, for “Tracey UUman: Backstage.”

David Letterman won in the male category for his “Sixth Anniversary Special”

Rhea Perlman won funniest supporting female in television for her role on “Cheers” and Dana Carvey won funniest supporting male for his role on “Saturday Night Live.”

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