Bette Midler: I live by three commandments

Bette Midler: I live by three commandments
April 23, 2015

Bette Midler Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

Bette Midler insists she’s a “very simple person”.

The 69-year-old singer is set to hit the road once again with her upcoming Divine Intervention tour, which kicks off on May 8 in Hollywood.

And revealing she was inspired by Moses and the original Ten Commandments for the tour, Bette opened up about the commandments she lives her life by.

“The tour is called the Divine Intervention,” Bette told US TV show Extra. “Sort of like the ‘Divine’ has deigned to come down into the arena and tell you how to live. Sort of like Moses with his 10 commandments, I have my own personal commandments – there’s only three of them, I’m a very simple person.”

Bette has been in the spotlight for the past 45 years, and is showing no sign of retiring any time soon.

The singer and actress also revealed that it has taken almost as long to conquer her stage fright, but she has finally managed to do so.

“In the old days it was really, ‘Agggh’, but now it’s kind of like, I look forward to it!” she said.

Bette hit headlines back in July 2011 when she accused Lady Gaga of copying ‘Dolores’ – her famous mermaid in a wheelchair character – for her own tour.

Admitting she found the whole feud “fun”, Bette added she was surprised by the reaction her accusations got from Gaga’s team.

“Her people got really incensed. I said, ‘People, get a grip! It’s just a joke!’ ” she said.

But now Bette has put the situation behind her and is now a huge fan of Gaga’s. Her love of the singer was furthered when she performed a Sound of Music tribute at the Oscars back in February.

“The things she did with Tony Bennett I thought were sensational,” she said. “And I loved what she did at the Oscars – it showed chops and it showed nerve.”

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