BetteBack June 11, 1989: Will “Stella” Include Laughs?

Salina Journal
June 11, 1989


How will Bette Midler handle the starring role in the remake of the great 1937 soaper “Stella Dallas“? Will she actually try to get laughs?–B.K.

I ran into Bette in Florida during a break in the “Stella Dallas” production.\

The 1937 classic was the definitive soaper, providing Barbara Stanwyck with one of her finest roles, as a stalwart woman who sacrifices everything for her daughter.

Bette tells me that in the remake she’ll age from 28 to 48. She assures me that the new version will not be “uninterrupted drama.”

Knowing the Divine One, I’m sure it will include some of her wicked humor.

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