Fourteen Year Old Micaiah Steele’s Special Concert Shoes

When I was born I came out not breathing and the doctors had to pump me for 2 hours and I was in the hospital for 9 days and my grandmother would sing and say every God thing over Me. I came back and the doctors said I had a disability called cerebral palsy but it does not stop me from anything I can do, I fight to achieve my goals. I had to wear braces to walk straight I hated them so much and I to endure many therapies and I take speech because I talk different. Now I’m in 9th grade and always stay positive at what life gives me! I inspire many people or I want to inspire many people! I give my life my best and try. People say I’m a gift from God himself! I can’t wait until I see what amazing things that God has in store for me and maybe he has my dream to meet Bette waiting for me at the concert Monday night in Washington, D.C.
Love, Micaiah
Mister D: Here are the special shoes Micaiah‘s grandmother painted for her which I. Mister D, think are awesome and out of this world. Hope ya’ll enjoy this inspiring story and these awesome shoes as much as I did, There is a lot of love in all of this. Thought it would be nice to share!
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2 thoughts on “Fourteen Year Old Micaiah Steele’s Special Concert Shoes

  1. Dear Mr. D, what an amazing and uplifting story. A true gift to read. I would love to give Micaiah the concert swag that was given when we went to go see her. The divine intervention tote bag, the signed photo and the VIP badge. She might already have it but if she doesn’t and wants it, I would love for her to have.

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