Divine Intervention Meet And Greets: Bette Midler And Judy Bryant

My Bette experience is so amazing. Bette was so cool. Her staff asked my name (and I wish I could remember her say it…my sister does…however when you look at her you forget everything). We were awkwardly grabbing towars eachother for the photo. She wanted to link arms but I was going for behind the back. So I said “how are we going to do this? Lol. I forget her response but it was amazing cause it is her.

Judy Bryant-Before

After we got our photo taken I asked if I can do a fun photo with her (showed me pointing at her with my jaw dropped) She agreed and was sweet and kind and acted up the photo that I asked for to be fun. She said “I will stand like this” and posed all sophisticated. Love her. Poor Bette after the photos I started spewing phrases at her like “you are amazing”, “thanks for doing this”, “the show was awesome “. She really was gracious. Beautiful. It was really a blur otherwise but wouldn’t change a thing. So glad we did this.

Judy Bryant - After

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