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“What are your measurements ” – it slipped out like a belch after a gassy meal. I didn’t know I’d done it until I’d done it – if you see what I mean.


Annie Ivil, who was flitting about the room stopped – looked at me, and looked at Bette”¦ Who looked at Annie, and then looked at me.
Like magic her whole appearance changed. The face, which, as I said before, looked ugly, suddenly remodelled itself. Muscles began to work; her eyes opened wide, and her lips spread, and she crossed her legs, and lounged back, hands behind her head.


“Uhmmm, your measurements. What are your measurements?”

“I’m embarrassed,” said Annie Ivil. “I’m not going to look.”

Bette was curling, and snaking into another pose. Now SHE was not embarrassed. I WAS. SHE knew that.

” I’m 40”¦ (long pause) ”¦22”¦ (longer pause) ”¦.36.”

She didn’t say anything else, but preened herself like a peacock, as much as to say, ” Howz that boysie, yer satisfied?”
I was.

“But I’m only 2ft 5in. high,” she continued, and burst into laughter.

Atmosphere broken. (Musical Express, 1973)

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