BetteBack August 20, 1990: Midler Calls Roseanne Barr Crass

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago
August 20, 1990

bette midler cosmetic surgery before

Bette Midler holds most big name female humorists in high regard, except for Roseanne Barr.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t think she’s funny,” Midler says in a published report. “I think she’s crass.” But she describes Tracey Ullman as “brilliant – witty beyond belief” and Carol Burnett as “very, very classy. Whoopi Goldberg is described as “gifted ‘ and “geniune in
her own work.”

Midler herself has wrapped up filming a new Paul Mazursky picture with co-star Woody Allen. She plays a therapist anxious about the onset of her 16th wedding anniversary.

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