BetteBack March 27, 1991: Bette Midler Slides On The HollyWood Powerful List (One Of Few Stars To Make It)

Mount Carmel Daily Republican Register
March 27, 1991


HOLLYWOOD POWER SHUFFLE: Superagent Michael Ovitz is ranked No. 1 on Premiere magazine’s list of the 100 most powerful people in Hollywood for the second straight year. Ovitz’s firm. Creative Artists Agency, represents some of the biggest actors, directors and writers in the entertainment business and he added to his fame by helping the Japanese firm Matsushita purchase MCA.

Studio executives dominate the upper level of the magazine’s list with Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the No. 13 spot, being the first actor ranked. Kevin Costner was 87th in 1990 but jumped to No. 14 this year, even befor e his “Dance s With Wolves ” Oscar bounty, and Tom Cruise was 16th. Julia Roberts made her debut on the list at No. 38, which makes her the powerful woman on the list, and Premiere called her “the hottest female box office draw since Streisand.”

Jack Nicholson was among those dropping on the list, falling from No. 36 to 49th, along with Robert Redford, who went from 40th to 60th,
and Bette Midler, who slid to 89lh after being No. 76 last year.

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