The Divine Miss M opens up in “anything-goes” interview with fans

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The Divine Miss M opens up in “anything-goes” interview with fans
November 17, 2015


If you could ask Bette Midler anything, what would it be? The Divine Miss M, who just loves social media, has sat down with her laptop and called out for questions on her Facebook page, and the result is a wonderfully “Midler-ish”Q&A covering all kinds of topics.

Here are the highlights of her interview with her fans:

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?
I would love to see my mother again.

Which star has gotten on your nerves the most over the years?
My lips are sealed. To the grave, baby!

I am a drummer, however circumstances made me fall out of love playing. Has similiar thing happened to you? How did you overcome it/what advice can you give me to get my bum in gear and play again?
Thats happened to me many times. More than once. Once I got so bummed out that I didn’t sing for five years so I completely understand. If you’re a sensitive soul take your time to mend your injury and get back on the horse. It helps to do it with friends, or a friend.

Bette, what is your favourite TV show?
Ab Fab, hands down!

Would you ever duet with Justin Beiber?
I think he’s terrific. He thinks I’m someone called Brett Meddler.

Are there any major achievements you have yet to fulfil?
I have yet to replace my dog. It’s a love that cannot be replaced easily.

Do you ever re-watch any of your movies?
I can honestly say never”¦. I watch scenes in snippets that I remember fondly. But there are some scenes where I can, by that glazed look in my eye, see that I was struggling, and those I try to avoid.

When you do think that you might release a new album?
I have an album dropping on December 4th, it’s called A Gift Of Love, curated by moi

What’s your favorite book of all time?
I cant even begin.. Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

Have you ever been to Ireland?
Been, and loved it, one of the most beautiful [countries] in the world. Don’t tell anyone.

Were you scared when you first started acting?
I was in HEAVEN!!!

How do you do all of your shows in those high heels, don’t they hurt your feet?
I’m paying’ for it now, believe me!!

Do you have any vices? Anything you just can’t say no to?
Food, love food.

Do you have any plans for Broadway soon?
I’ve been invited and do love the theatre, but the houses are two small to contain this much divinity.

If you came out with your own fragrance what would it smell like?
I remember my mothers perfume, Tweed, a really old fragrance back in the 40s. They asked me to create one during my show in Vegas, and I went to lab and tried to recreate it. If you ever see a bottle, that’s what it would smell like.

What advice would you give an 8-year-old girl (whose middle name is Bette after you!) in this day and age?
Go easy on the sugar, in all aspects of life.

Are you a fan of Bette Midler? What would you ask her given the chance?

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