Bette Midler On The Rose Character:

Bette Midler On The Rose Character: “I must say that I’ve never had that much sorrow. I’ve never been in that much pain. I’ve been in pain but not that long. The little bits I’ve been through leave certain scars, certain memories that I was able to call on. I don’t overindulge, Well, I have been known to take a drink now and then. But I’m an ugly drunk. It’s really embarrassing when people see me and I’m looped. I bite people. Not friendly. Rabies time. Once I bit a guy’s glasses. A good friend. I said ”˜Gimme your glasses.’ And I tried to eat them. I’m a disgusting drunk.” (The Milwaukee Journal ”“ Dec 2, 1979)

Bette Midler: Bootleg Betty's photo.
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  1. well…I start talking about politics and it usually come to I hate this bigots right wingers, bla bla bla…Never tried to eat anyone’s glasses though. 😛 LOL

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