BetteBack March 15, 1996: Bette Midler’s Lesbian Affair Nixed in ‘First Wive’s Club’

Daily News (Los Angeles, CA)
March 15, 1996 | Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smith


The straight and narrow: Bette Midler‘s character in the film version of “First Wives Club” has been “straightened out.” In the best seller on which the Paramount picture is based, Midler’s character is a woman who has an affair with her female divorce attorney.

Producer Scott Rudin said that by the time he became involved with the project, “I inherited a draft of the script containing no mention of a lesbian affair.” He does say, though, that the film now features “a lesbian bar scene that is very funny.” He added that Diane Keaton‘s daughter in the movie is homosexual. She wasn’t in the book. “First Wives Club,” which wraps next week in New York, hits theaters in July.

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