BetteBack October 14, 1995: CBS Keen On ‘The Harlettes’ TV Series

Mister D: Taylor Dane was to have been the star.

Indiana Gazette
October 14, 1995


CBS And Bette Midler thought they were sitting firmly on plans for a new TV series, “The Harlettes,” but the trades were too slick for them, and the news slipped out.

What didn’t slip out is just how “The Harlettes” came about. CBS titan Les Moonves closed the door of his office and refused to allow Bette and Lisa Amsterdam out until a deal was nailed down. (Amsterdam is a writer-actress with Castle Rock Productions.)

She’ll mastermind the series, all about the adventures of a grand diva’s three backup singers.

Moonves made a significant commitment to the idea -13 weeks guaranteed, a rarity in these if-it’s-not-a-hit-immediately-cancel-it days.

But, hey, he has Bette Midler agreeing to appear now and then, playing the diva and keeping the Harlettes on their toes.

This seems like a great idea whose time has come. We Ve never been able to resist the Harlettes – or even the mere thought of these rowdy singing slaves to a giant ego.

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