This Day In Rock History: May 21 – Bette’s The Last Guest On Johnny Carson

Here’s the Rock N’ Roll Diary for May 21st, from the College of Classic Rock Knowledge ”“ 100.7 WZLX!


1971: Paul McCartney released his 2nd solo album, Ram.

1976: Aerosmith put out Rocks. The album went gold on the same day due to advanced orders.

1977: Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors hit #1 on the charts knocking The Eagles “Hotel California” out of the top spot.

1979: Elton John became the first western act to perform behind the Iron Curtain when he played a show in Leningrad. Over 4,000 people packed the Leningrad concert hall to see the 2 ½ hour show, some paying100 rubles (at the time $150) for black market tickets.

Elton closed the show with the Beatles “Back in the U.S.S.R.”

1992: The last “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson aired. His final guests were Robin Williams and Bette Midler.

2008: ZZ Top performed with “American Idol” winner David Cook on the season finale of the Fox reality show.

Checking the WZLX ticket stash: ZZ Top was at the Music Hall in 1975”¦And the Joe Perry Project played Scotch n’ Sounds in Brockton back in 1983.

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