Bette visited with Sandra Bernhardt on her Sirius show Sandyland on April 14. You can listen to the whole show here:

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2 thoughts on “BETTE IN SANDYLAND!

  1. Not my favorite interview although I loved thinking about Bette listening to Superstar. That gave me chills. I also can’t stand when Bette disses My Knight in Black Leather or Married Men (and Sandra just LET her say it). I wish she would embrace the absurdity of those two songs and see that we love them because CAMP is one of the many reasons we love her. I need to interview her! I would get DIRT.

    1. By the late 70’s Bette almost had a hatred of camp because the media was trying to box her into that category and it was hurting her career, because by that time the trend was over. People in that category weren’t taken seriously as artists, and Bette desperately wanted to be taken seriously at that time. Thank God The Rose came along.

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