BetteBack January 26, 1974: The Savior Of Rock And Roll?

Winnipeg Free Press
January 26, 1974


Bette Midler: Not a bad album, but really not up to par with The Divine Miss M. For one thing, Bette seems to be torn between camping things up and seriously trying to re-create an era of music which supposedly died long ago.

Her versions of such classics as Da Doo Run Run and Jackie Wilson‘s Higher and Higher (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) are just fine, although several other equally classic oldies don’t always fare as well.

Her voice alternately reminds me of Karen Carpenter, Carole King and about half a dozen other female vocalists whose names fail me at the moment and. in all honesty. I fail to perceive why Bette is being hailed as the savior of rock and roll in some cirlces.

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