Bette Midler On Her First New York Home:

Bette Midler On Her First New York Home: “There was a hole in my bed and I was always falling through it at night. And the bathroom was down the hall. And I mean really down the hall. You had to get dressed, go out the door, turn right, turn left, turn right again. It was your basic freak scene, that hotel. Winos in the hall ”¦whores in the next room ”¦junkies outside. The dyke bar was downstairs and the gay bar was down the street.”? Bette bites into a carrot to punctuate her ecstacy: “I loved it! My dear it was my great adventure. So exciting! No, seriously, I got used to it. It became just another trip down life’s merry road.”? (Modern Hi-Fi & Stereo Guide, June 1973)

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