BetteBack March 8, 1974: Please tell me a bit about Bette Midler

Wheeling Herald
March 8, 1974


Please tell me a bit about Bette Midler. B.T., Des Plaines

Bette’s approach lo music has been called a mixture of the Andrew Sisters and Charlie Chaplin On the basis of David Frost‘s talent coordinator’s judgement. Bette was signed for the Frost show. So great was her ovation that she was promptly signed to do an additional 5 shows.

Hawaii is Bette’s birthplace. There she got some work as a movie extra, which paid quite well. The money helped convince her parents that maybe show business wasn’t such a bad business and as a result Bette flew to New York.

After having sold gloves for awhile, she started appearing in Little Jewish revues in the Catskills, then a lucky chorus job in “ Fiddler on the Roof.” That ended quickly but a friend told her she ought to try for the part her friend had. She tried, got the role and played the part for three years!

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