BetteBack June 7, 1974: Is Bette Midler Feuding With Producers Of Her New Movie?

Eau Claire Leader Telegram
June 7, 1974

Bette Midler as The Divine Miss M 1973 Gay Icon

Q: Is Bette Midler already feuding with the producers of her first film? Doesn”t she prefer being a movie star to starring in a Turkish bath?’ Mrs. Lila S., Des Moines, Iowa.

A: It isn’t Miss Midler, who introduced entertainment at the Continental Baths (an all-m ale bathhouse in NY City), who is steaming. It’s her manager, Aaron Russo, who’s hot under the collar. He says Miss M. only appears in ‘The Divine Mr. J .’ for about IO minutes, for which, he claims she was paid only $250. He also alleges that the picture has been kept in the can for several years perhaps till Bette achieved star stature.

Russo also points out that the 5-foot-l offbeat singer – actress actually made her movie debut playing the mini – mini role of a missionary’s wife in ‘Hawaii.’

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