Vanity Visit ~ Sophie Von Haselberg – Sophie Talks Make Up. What Do She And Mom Mean By Hot Lids?

Vanity Visit ~ Sophie Von Haselberg
Interview, makeup, and photography by Tina Turnbow
AUGUST 31, 2017


Stunner Sophie Von Haselberg allowed me to explore her rather extensive cosmetic collection. I was fascinated. Not only does Sophie bare a striking resemblance to her mom, Bette Midler, but she is also vivacious, talented and funny. Check all the beauty and blue scoop here, including her recipe for a DIY body scrub and the meaning of “hot lids”!

Q. What’s your favorite movie or song with “blue” in the title?

A. God, it’s hard not to just go straight to “Blue” by Joni Mitchell…. Yes, that song, but also that entire ALBUM! Anyone who hasn’t gone through a phase of listening to that record on repeat is missing out on some quality emotional dredging…

Q. Do you have a favorite blue possession?

A. I have a lot of blue things that I love in my kitchen — two cerulean ceramic crocks for onions and garlic; a turquoise Le Creuset dutch oven that I keep out at all times; and three sky blue metal stools… Less comfortable than I’d like, but quite cute and the perfect height.


Q. From my vanity visit I saw you have many products! what are some of your high end favorites?

A. Toooo many! I will embarrass myself if I list them all! But….

BROWS are oh-so-important (I think I place extra import on brows because mine were so sparse growing up). Sania’s Brow Bar has a great pencil; Anastasia brow gel. I think brow gel is more important than mascara!

I finally gave in and bought the RMS Living Luminizer… It’s wildly expensive, but gives a glow rather than sparkle or glitter.

That being said: GLITTER. I love glitter. Lips, eyes, cheeks. Gimme!


Olio e Osso for cheeks and lips. It imparts the perfect amount of color, and the packaging is excellent. Also, I’ve been very into on-the-go beauty lately (i.e. toting around a gigantic thing of makeup that I can apply with my fingers), and one of these sticks comes with me everywhere.

I have what my mom and I refer to as “hot lids”, which is a nice way of saying that everything I put on my eyes slides right off, either into the crease, or onto my under-eye area. I have to warn makeup artists to put on a LOT of lid primer, but no matter what, I come home looking like a raccoon. That being said, these products help the situation immensely: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner and MAC Eyelid Primer.

Q. What are a few of your drugstore essentials?

A. I can spend hours in a Duane Reade (or pharmacy of choice), just browsing the beauty products. Some favorites are the Covergirl Remarkable Mascara, which never gives me raccoon eyes. Great Lash Mascara in Blue. Almay Makeup Remover — the one WITH oil, for when your mascara is oh-so-durable.  L’Oreal Le Matte lipsticks — strangely non-drying but with great opacity and texture — there’s a hot pink one that I LOVE! And Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick — I’ve used this since middle school and it looks like a glue stick, but it is so good for your lips and anywhere else you need moisture! (i.e. everywhere)


Q. You make a yummy DIY scrub. Can you share the recipe?

A. Oh man, for this I usually just go through my pantry or bathroom and see what I can use. I take an empty jar and mix kosher salt with brown sugar; then I use Jojoba oil or Sweet Almond Oil. I’ll also use olive oil if I have something inexpensive lying around. I pour in enough that all the salt/sugar is covered, but not so that there’s a thick layer of oil lying on top. I add some drops of essential oil — usually lavender because I love how it smells, and also because I believe people when they tell me it’s de-stressing. But I’ll also fool around and add other things like vanilla or lemon zest or anything that smells good. Ooh, Neroli would be so nice! Hmm.

Q. Do you have any other homemade goodness to share?

A.  I love to mix products together to make something new. Which isn’t DIY so much as just… blending. I’ll put cream bronzer in a little container and add some highlighter and dab that on my cheekbones. Or mix lipstick with lip balm and a little something shimmery to use on lips and cheeks.


As far as hair DIY, the fanciest I get is combing some olive oil or coconut oil through my hair before a flight… I can never tell how much this does, but I’m definitely convinced it’s doing great things for my locks!

Q. Back to blue — what is your favorite shade?

A. Lapis!

Q.  Can you share a tip on getting out of a blue mood?

A. I turn on Clueless asap!


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