Katey Sagal On Working With Bette Midler

LA Times
The Sunday Conversation: From Harlettes to Harleys to Donuts, Katey Sagal has lived a colorful life
By Meredith Blake
October 27, 2017

You performed with Bette Midler as one of the “Staggering Harlettes.” She’s such an accomplished performer. Did you learn from her?

She taught me so much about being disciplined and having a good work ethic. She taught me musically, the singing I did with her was all very intense harmony parts. I could never read music and I was always pretending I could read sheet music, but with her I just had to really learn how to sight-sing. I used to stand backstage and watch her night after night ,and she would do the same thing, but it would be like she was doing it for her first time. And she would make me cry, and make me laugh.

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