My Bad! I Missed Christmas And A Few Other Days by Don Bradshaw

Sorry for the delay in posting on Bette Midler. I came down with the flu and was just miserable for several days. I couldn’t even sit up om the couch. I finally figured out ya’ll would stand by me no matter what. I have barely taken a day off since I started this scrap book. Amyway I missed Christmas and was all alone. Thank goodness I;m finally well and headed for Florida for Christmas do over with all my family, Thanks for your understanding! Love, Mister S

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9 thoughts on “My Bad! I Missed Christmas And A Few Other Days by Don Bradshaw

  1. Bette, every year I think to myself, what amazing new song will Bette do next? This of course gives me something special to look forward too each year. Bette, thanks for the music and the love of people. love, Mary Anne XX

  2. Thanks so much, Mister D, for everything you do. Hope you’re feeling better. We’re here for you. Happy 2018! It will be interesting to find out what Bette has planned for the year. With the beginning of the year ending her run on Hello, Dolly, and starting with Freak Show, there’s a whole lot of year left for her. Maybe another recording? My guess is she’ll take some time off, and maybe vacation for a bit. But then? We’re counting on you to keep us posted (big smile).

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