‘Bring back the bush!’ Bette Midler asks women to reclaim hair down there

Mister D: I hope people on the site can contain themselves better than some of those on Facebook. What I saw as a funny, innocuous statement by Miss has caused a stir from some. Some of the things said on Facebook were that Bette was tasteless (obvi new fans, it’s none of her business, there are more important things to talk about (I’m sure we’re not saturated enough with talk of Trump as it is. People don’t realize the extent of our problems in the US, but you can bet people can describe Donald’s last shit), to Miss M has gone too far left or that’s just more of that nasty lib talk (Personally, I thought pubic hair was a bipartisan issue. I’m sure my long time readers won’t ever see the need to respond, they’ll just enjoy the fact that Bette brought it up. Personally I think the bald look on men and women as kind of disturbing in a weird way. It makes you look like a plucked chicken. I like my men natural. Give me that any day, but I wouldn’t turn away a bald one either. I guess it’s just personal preference, but really do we have to argue about it? Really?

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‘Bring back the bush!’ Bette Midler asks women to reclaim hair down there
January 25, 2018

She was never one to shy away from speaking her mind.

Hollywood star and vocal powerhouse Bette Midler, has called for women everywhere to reclaim the 1970s trend of full pubic hair in a hilarious tweet in which she mentions President Donald Trump and ex-president George W. Bush.

The tweet shared on Midler’s Twitter page has already garnered hundreds of comments and likes from fans who agree with the celebrity’s sentiment.

In the tweet, Midler wrote in capital letters “LADIES!! NO MORE BRAZILLIAN WAXING!! BRING BACK THE BUSH!!” she then went on to say “not George W., altho in comparison to our current WH Occupant… let me ruminate.”

Midler is a staunch democrat and has been critical of both Bush and Trump on social media over the years. She has made countless jabs at President Trump’s policies and hairdo in recent months.

Midler’s call-to-arms in support of pubic hair resonated with many fans, one of whom exclaimed, “The bush never went out of style, as far as I’m concerned!”

Another user wrote, “Proud to say I’ve kept mine my entire life.”

One user even noted that bringing back the bush is the only way to go when you have a busy lifestyle. “I’m a 45 yr old single mom with 1 & 3 yr olds. Needless to say I’m back to the bush,” she said.

There were many that remembered a time when having a thick bush of pubic hair was the norm and bare genitals were limited to children. “I miss the good old days when genitals did not require grooming,” one user reminisced.

This is not the first time Midler has shown her support for the ’60s and ’70s look. In July, 2012, Midler joked about a time when everyone she knew donned the bush.

Bette Midler isn’t the only woman Hollywood in favour of popularising the bush once again. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Watson and Cameron Diaz have all joined the call to embrace a more natural look ‘down there’.

The obsession with the state of our body hair first started in 1915, when Gillette introduced the first razor for women, claiming body hair was “unsightly” and that “less is more”. When the ’60s and ’70s came around many women went back to the ‘all natural’ look, opting for a full bush once more.

Heading into the ’80s it was the hair on our heads that increased in size; while many had to manicure their lawn to make way for high swimmers and exercise gear. In the ’90s the ‘landing strip’ was popularised and now the focus is on having no hair at all, with many opting for a Brazilian wax.

So what do you think? Do you yearn for the days where having natural pubic hair was fashionable?

Do you agree with Bette Midler? Should women everywhere ‘bring back the bush’?

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