BLB Updates From Mister D: I’m Changing, I’m Changing…And You’re Gonna Love Me! UHHH!

Mister D: Hey Ladies and Germs! I just wanted to tell you that I’m making some changes on the Bootleg Betty website. Some will be behind the scenes kind of stuff that wouldn’t interest you in the least, and some will be cosmetic. This old girl’s been the same without nary a nip or tuck since 2002.

Caricature, Bette Midler, Mister D

Part of that is because I just got comfortable with the way things so who really wants to fuck it up? Well, I reached that point where I’m ready to pick a fight with myself and change it up. I’m going slowly right now, but in the end, it may look like a whole different place. Or, since I really don’t know what I’m doing I could wipe out the whole thing easily. Talk about needing therapy will become a reality and maybe a few shock treatments would help, too. That is my ultimate fear, but I’ve made peace with that should it happen. So many great things have come my way because of this site.

!. Ok, so far, the only physical changes I’ve made and I’m going back away, was to have each article post that was over 100 words to only show those first hundred words as an “excerpt” with a “read more” link to view the full article. This just helps with download time mostly

2. The sharing icons like FB, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest are at the bottom of every article, but the only way that they will appear is if you click on the title of the article, then you can share that article with whichever option you want. I may be adding more sharing buttons too.

3. On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll notice Bette Midler product. But as you scroll down I’ve created some widgets for you to follow if you’re interested in what we’re doing on Facebook, Our pictures on Pinterest or Our Tweets on Twitter.

4. Some people wrote me a while back and asked me if I could incorporate the Disqus comment board to Bootleg Betty, and I just said no…LOL. But I started looking into it because they used it on a lot of sites I visit, so I can stay logged in and just jump into other conversations elsewhere. Supposedly this board is really popular and more real-time than a lot of others. So, if you have to register (I haven’t looked that close), please do. It’ll take just a minute. I think you’re able to add images, videos, audio, etc to you’re comments. So just give it a chance before you throw a hissy fit like I did trying to get it work. Thanks.

5. Oh, I added push notifications for those who would like to be alerted when I post something new to Bootleg Betty. The first time you come to the site you’ll see a rectangular, maybe square box pop up on your screen and it will ask you would you like to receive notification if I post something new. If you don’t want them bothering you, then just hit “block” or “close” and if you do want them just hit the accept button. Not sure if it works on mobile yet, but that’s what I will be aiming for.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of so far. My big goal is to just change the page look and make it more modern, but I just love this old look, too. It’s kind of whimsical and so full of color, but well, these are the years of change, I guess

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