Best vegan pizza’s in NYC – One venue has a pizza named after Bette Midler

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Best vegan pizza NYC: Vinnie’s, Screamer’s, Double Zero and more
By Nicole Levy and Alison Fox
Updated July 10, 2018 6:23 PM

Bette Midler, Two Boots Pizza, The Earth Mother
Bette Midler, Two Boots Pizza, The Earth Mother

Two Boots

This East Village-born chain dating back to 1987 is like death and taxes: It will always be there. And for vegans desperate for a quick bite, that’s a good thing. The V for Vegan pie with daiya, its plethora of veggies (artichokes, onions, mushrooms) and its crisscrossing red pepper and basil pestos will satisfy your taste buds and your need for a fast hunger fix (prices range from $12.95 for a small pie to $28.95 for a large). The veggie-smothered, whole wheat-crusted Earth Mother — named after community garden savior and star Bette Midler — is a good option for the calorie conscious. With nine different locations in the city (including at Citi Field), a slice in one of Two Boots’ whimsically-decorated psychedelic shops is never far away.

Multiple locations,

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