Photo: Bette Midler – Clams On The Half Shell Revue

Bette Midler - Clams On The Half Shell Revue

How many of you got to see this great show? Any special memories?

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5 thoughts on “Photo: Bette Midler – Clams On The Half Shell Revue

  1. I saw the show on May 1, 1975. I still have the Playbill and souvenir program. Bette had not done a show in a long time, so this was a mini-comeback. Lionel Hampton opened the show and came back later to do a number with Bette. She was great as always, told lots of jokes and introduced Vicki Eddy for the first time. I wish she had kept that character going; And let’s not forget King Kong closing Act I. She had everyone standing and holding hands during her parting number ‘Friends.’ I waited at the stage door after the show and got to see Bette close up for the first time. It was a night to remember!

  2. I got to see it too. For some reason I couldn’t believe I was there because the whole time I felt like I was in a dream. I was, I think 17 or 18, and it was my first trip to the big city. I was just overwhelmed. I was on the edge if my seat all night. Never saw someone with so much energy. Don

  3. Gret sets, spectacular entrance, as usual. I do recall a specific joke/monologue sequence Bette talking to the audience that went something like this: “Lady, you, right there, yes please, I cannot concentrate…you must keep your legs crossed. (Crowd laughs as Bette waits and goes on…) I was trying to see what day of the week she was wearing!” BIG laugh from the crowd, then… “She’s not! For a moment I thought it was Black friday!” And the crowd ate it up. She was NOT singling anyone out in the audience, it was a huge theater. It was also a Saturday night and my first visit to NY. It was indeed a mini-comeback for Bette to live performing as she had released her 2nd album and disappeared. It broke ALL one day record sales in Broadway history, as she has done many times over again and am sure will as long as she does another show. Is anyone still reading this…?

  4. Thanks Don, you know your website is a MUST read every day! Loved the Bruce Vilanch interview, the man is just hilarious. Thank YOU for continuin to do this, the only Bette site I ever visit.

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