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Video: Hype TV – The Scenery Chewing Diet – Parody Of Bette Midler

Hype TV: The Scenery Chewing Diet – Parody Of Bette Midler

Hype is an American sketch comedy television series on The WB, which ran for 17 episodes from October 8, 2000, to February 18, 2001.

On February 8, 2001, the series was canceled after one season (oh my, just like Bette’s), although two of its cast members, Frank Caliendo and Daniele Gaither, subsequently joined MADtv, while Gavin Crawford has had success as a television comedian in Canada, including on The Gavin Crawford Show and This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Shout! Factory announced the complete series on DVD.

In this Bette Midler parody, the actors and actresses are: Nadya Ginsburg (Bette Midler), Frank Calliendo (Michael Richards), and Jennifer Elise Cox (Calista Flockhart)

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2 thoughts on “Video: Hype TV – The Scenery Chewing Diet – Parody Of Bette Midler

  1. Okay I already posted this on Bootleg Betty Facebook Page, but this is absolutely stellar. It is hilarious. That was the ultimate spoof. “BETTE” was a TV series that was a spoof of Bette Midler. This was a spoof of “BETTE” which was a television series that was a spoof of Bette Midler. They nailed it! Actually it was spoof of that entire television season. The Clarista Flockhart attack was amazing. I remember I hated her and I never watched “ALLY MCBEAL.” The clip of her with the dancing baby…I did see that embarrassing and downright nauseating episode! I would go to my local gay bar in Kansas City just down the street from my house every…uh…Wednesday I think…and they showed “BETTE” on all their big screen TV’s in the bar. It was Bette Night. My sexy straight friend that looked like a neo Nazi (he wasn’t) always went with me. (I truly loved that guy…and nothing ever happened but every second I spent with him my penis was erect! I did finally tell him that little secret.) We never missed an episode…although it certainly was ill fated! Having said that…the album “BETTE” that was inspired by the series “BETTE” was one of her most amazing albums and it saved my life when I was in a coma after a near fatal car accident. I couldn’t move but I heard “BETTE” over and over and over and over. My grandmother’s idea!

  2. “I always knew I had an angel. A voice that told me what to do! But now that angel is on my shoulder…It’s Nobody Else But, Nobody Else But You!” (Theme song to “BETTE.”)

    This song fit the skinhead looking compassionate and HOT straight friend to a tee. He had a heart of gold and made me excited by his mere presence. We loved to smoke pot together…TONS OF IT EVERY DAY! We were both in our early thirties and he stole my heart! He LOVED yo-yo’s! Yes YO-YO’s! He always had a spinning yo-yo on his finger. I think I’m gonna cry! I can’t remember his name and I have no idea whatever happened to him. But like I said we never missed our date at the gay bar to watch “BETTE!”

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