A Must Listen To Podcast: “For The Girls” – All About The Divas And The Gays Who Love Them

The Divas, The Queens, The Guests, And The Drama – First Up Bette Midler

Bette Midler being discussed on the For The Girls Podcast

Mister D: At the bottom of the article, I have all the links where you can listen to this fabulous podcasts. and it’s free. Give these guys a go, It’s a subject we live for. And yes, I have included the Bette episode. I’m going to try and figure out how to put a link to the For The Girls podcast and Sophie von Haselberg’s podcast, so you should never have an excuse not to miss an episode.

Tidbit: One of the For The Girls hosts, Nick Westrate, played the lead actor in a movie with Sophie called Future ’38 and he was also in the movie, Riki and The Flash with Meryl Streep and Rick Springfield

Iconic Female Performers and the Queers Who Love Them.

For the Girls is the transAmerican Diva Stancast where hosts Jason Blackand Nick Westrate set out to talk to every Queer obsessed with a queen.

Who was the Diva whose music wormed its way into your little brain and filled your heart with joy and wonder? They wanna hear about it.

Tune in to hear fans freak out about Whitney, Barbra, Cher, Beyonce, Judy, Liza, Tina, Aretha, Bette, Nina, Bernadette, Madonna, Oprah, Tori, Joan, Celine, Diana, Donna, Adele, Selena, Reba, Madeline Kahn, Ann Curry, Joan Cusack, Alfre Woodard and Kathy Bates.

This is a completely historically accurate sociological study of queer life and popular culture executed by two Veteran Living room Reporter queens.

Episode 1 of For The Girls - An Endless Parade of Gay Shit

Mister D: I don’t know why anybody never thought about doing this before. Yes, it says “for the gays who love them” but the ladies will find just as much to adore with this podcast

Word has it that both Nick and Jason’s favorite Diva is Bette Midler, so you might be hearing about her more than you think.

They kicked off the first episode discussing Bette Midler, so come on, you have to give that a listen, but so far every episode has been entertaining, I haven’t heard this one yet, but they are going to do one with some guests discussing which Diva was the best in Gypsy. Get ready for some drama when the claws come out. I can imagine so many of us screaming at our computer.

The show is hosted by Nick Westrate and Jason Black. Nick is an actor living and working in New York. And Jason is a performer living and working in Los Angeles. When I have more time, I will be digging up on more information on them.

Tidbit: They are both from rural Michigan

Like I said, they will have guest appearances on their show like Michael Urie, Nicky Pavlov, Alexis Michelle, Thomas Jay Ryan, Korde Tuttle, Lypsinka!, Michael Cyril Creighton and more…

They also hope to have visits from many fans of the many divas who know them best. Oh my, to be on that show!

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